Based on the local naturally aromatic plant as raw materials, we are engaged in production and marketing of 100% purely natural concrete, absolute, and essential oil.

Shangnar Fragrance Co.,Ltd, located in Guilin of China, is an emerging exporter of fragrance of rarely aromatic plant such as osmanthus, jasmine, michelia alba and eubatus rubus rose. With our motto "respect and retain the natural", we inherit the traditional techniques as well as expedite sustainable development of natural resources.

With our professional analysis apparatus, every type of products offered is ensured to be strict inspected so that they can always in line with the higher international standards.
Shangnar would also underline that our company has got a high-level technical staff; we are thus able to supply any products on customer's request and specifications and to satisfy any particular needs. We are appreciated for this flexibility, for that is one of the main reasons of our success.

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